Night Cover

Night Cover

An individual can have some care needs that require someone to be with them overnight. GN Wellsprings Care Services can provide care support for peace of mind through the night. Carers are available for either a waking night, sleep-in or 24-hour care to cover your overnight care requirements. Night cover is available between the hours of 22.00 and 08.00.

Waking night cover means the trained carer will be awake all night to undertake any care needs that may arise. If you have care requirements at regular intervals during the night, for example you need to change position or go to the toilet every couple of hours, the carer can perform those tasks but during the rest of the time the carer can undertake domestic duties such as laundry, cleaning, etc. as necessary.

Alternatively, if your requirement someone to be there just in case you need them, a sleep-in service may be the answer. In such circumstances, the carer would need a bed to sleep in and would immediately respond to any requests for assistance. The sleep-in service works well with a telecare service that monitors for example, a person’s movement or continence and sends an alert to the carer when assistance is required.

Please note that during the sleep-in service, if a carer is disturbed more than twice during the night, the sleep-in service automatically reverts to a waking night service.

The night service may be provided as part of a larger care package or as a short term measure to assist during a period of acute illness.