About Us

Whether it is supporting an individual for just a few hours each week or 24 hours 7 days a week, we adapt to each person’s needs and aspirations as they change and enable each one to live his/her own life to the full.

GN Wellsprings Care Services Ltd was founded in October 2014 by two long-standing friends, Clare and Cecilia who envisaged a team of social care staff who would put individual clients at the heart of care activities and focus on providing them care beyond the requirements of duty.

Our mission, vision and core values

We aim to provide care beyond duty.
Our Vision is to be an outstanding care provider whose staff will be identified by our core values: Care Respect Enable Learning and Improving.
Our recruitment therefore focuses on selecting men and women who reflect these values.

Organisational structure

The organization is run by a diverse, experienced and dedicated team which includes:

Our staffing structure include: Team Leaders, Key Workers and Care/Support staff who work together with senior leaders to reflect upon and to promote our core values. This carefully selected and vetted high calibre staff make up GN Wellsprings Care Services’ staff, the most valuable asset in our organisation.